HIROCHIKU contributes to environmental improvement in the aluminum diecasting industry, through the best use of state-of-the-art technology.

We make the best use of thermal energy technology to improve the quality of molten aluminum, realization of factory automation, and improvement of plant environment in the aluminum diecasting industry and related industries.

Major industries HIROCHIKU involves

Manufacture of motorcycles and automobiles as well as equipment related to their manufacture, production of personal computers, air conditioners, and home electric appliances, manufacture of pneumatic and hydrolytic equipment, manufacture of electric motors and compressors, manufacture of equipment and machinery, and the manufacture of the other cast aluminum products.

Melting furnaces

Centralized melting furnace, HMIII

HURRY MELTER III functions as a central melting furnace and meets diversifying user needs such as energy saving, labor saving, reduced metal loss, compact design, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Holding furnace, HMII

HURRY MELTER II, a molten aluminum holding furnace, avoids leak of molten aluminum, substantially reducing metal losses due to oxidization, and improving the quality of molten aluminum.

Transporting equipment


CARRIER is an automatic, unmanned melt-supply system: the carrier unit suspended from a monorail has a ceramic ladle, into which melt is placed, and automatically travels from the melting furnace to the dosing furnace.


HOLIMESY LAUNDER System developed by Grenges Ueda Company consists of LAUNDERs (troughs to transport molten aluminum) and HOLIMESY Dosing Furnaces, and provides an unattended melt supply system in diecasting foundries.

Buffer furnace / Level control furnace /
Fore hearth / Relaying furnace

These are core components of the LAUNDER equipment.

Transport carts

Various types of carts into which molten metal is automatically poured to transport the metal are available, including the rotating ladle cart, and the tilting and lifting up/down cart.

Dosing furnaces

HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace, Model C

HOLIMESY Furnace is a byword for molten aluminum dosing furnaces. With its excellent insulation and three-chamber structure, HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace minimizes energy consumption and eliminates the occurrence of hard spots.

HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace, Model E

This Model E equipped with immersion heaters fully utilizes the benefits of the HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace and further improves on thermal efficiency.

HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace, Model HG

This gas-radiation-type HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace with no immersion tubes maximizes the features of the standard HOLIMESY Dosing Furnace equipped with electric heaters.

Low-pressure casting furnaces

Low-pressure casting furnace of one-chamber type

This low-pressure holding furnace for casting is equipped with no crucibles and is able to supply melt for casting under constant pressurization.

Low-pressure casting furnace of two-chamber type

This low-pressure furnace consists of a holding chamber and a pressurizing chamber, realizing stable control of pressurization.

Direct feeding furnace

Direct feeding furnace of float type

This is a fully automated feeding furnace, the construction of which allows for a direct connection between its holding chamber and a sleeve of a diecasting machine to keep the melt level in the tapping chamber constant, preventing exposure of melt to air and achieving an accurately controlled quantity of melt.

Heat treatment furnaces

Electric-powered heat treatment furnace

This heat treatment furnace is powered by electricity, and is excellent in providing high quality output, with strict temperature control to increase the strength of aluminum products.

Gas-powered heat treatment furnace

This aluminum heat treatment furnace is powered by gas, and automatically performs "solutionizing" and "aging" of aluminum alloys.

Auxiliary equipment

Flux feeder
We deal in powder supply equipment to inject fluxes into molten aluminum.
Molten metal pump
Molten metal pump to easily pump out residual molten metal in furnaces or crucibles prior to a long-term discontinuation of furnace operation or upon replacement of alloys to be treated.
Chip melting system
This system efficiently collects and transfers chips or shavings left after machining aluminum products into molten metal to melt them while delivering at high temperature.
Dust collector
We deal in cyclone dust collector, bug filter dust collector, wet-type dust collector, and other relevant dust collectors necessary for installation of melting furnaces.
We deal in various types of transporting systems which carry and move goods.

Updating and maintenance

Repair of refractories

HIROCHIKU performs repair works under contract for refractories of centralized melting furnaces, dosing furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, and other types of furnaces.

Inspection and maintenance

HIROCHIKU conducts diagnosis from the viewpoint of thermal engineering, maintenance, and modification for the purpose of energy saving.

Energy saving and labor saving

HIROCHIKU diagnoses existing equipment form the viewpoint of thermal engineering and makes proposals to save energy and labor.


HIROCHIKU receives requests to update furnace main bodies whether they are manufactured by HIROCHIKU or by others.