Pioneering New Potential with Thermal Technologies Company Information

HIROCHIKU manufactures a variety of industrial furnaces used in various fields, including those for non-ferrous metal industries (e.g., iron and aluminum industries) and glass industries, as well as those for environmental applications, new material development, and university and company laboratories.

HIROCHIKU is originally an industrial furnace manufacturer. However, it now also undertakes maintenance service activities for major steel manufacturers’ plants. For more than half a century since its foundation, it has achieved and sustained a high reputation from the industry for its many experiences and achievements.

HIROCHIKU is one of Japan’s top industrial furnace manufacturers for steel mills and boasts a large market share in medium-sized furnaces for non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum.
In addition, its track records show that HIROCHIKU is growing nationally regarding the production and sales of heat treatment equipment, mainly for small furnaces for iron, stainless steel, and copper alloy production.

HIROCHIKU is proactively expanding its business overseas, and its technology has attained a number of achievements globally as our customer base expands overseas, mainly within Southeast Asia.