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Message from the President

Since its foundation, HIROCHIKU has been expanding its technology, skills, and systems for industrial furnaces as well as peripheral fields and studying under the vision of creating value that satisfies customers and society, centering on thermal and comprehensive engineering.
The affluence and values that today’s society demands, such as the creation of a sustainable world, environmental protection, and safety and security, are diversifying. HIROCHIKU utilizes the expertise and comprehensive strengths it has cultivated over many years to propose and provide the best maintenance management system along with efficiency improvement ideas and quality, technology, and engineering services. HIROCHIKU continues its challenging improvement and development work in response to the ever-changing demands of society.
HIROCHIKU will continue evolving in the future, aiming for further societal affluence through work.

Yasushi Nakabayashi
President & CEO

Yasushi Nakabayashi, President & CEO

Company Profile

Company Name
June 1950
Head Office Location
4-10-11 Seimon-dori, Hirohata-ku, Himeji-shi, Hyogo 671-1116
Yasushi Nakabayashi, President and CEO
94.5 million yen
Number of Employees
410 (as of April 1, 2023)
Business Contents
Industrial furnace design, manufacture and installation, various plant construction, steel-related maintenance business, and civil engineering business
Net Sales
110 billion (fiscal year ending March 2023)