supporting power Support Operations

We maintain and operate (on a contractual basis) industrial furnaces.
Armed with technologies developed over 50 years, we help numerous steelmaking companies, including Nippon Steel Corporation, improve safety, quality, and productivity while lowering costs.

We provide optimal maintenance services to customers, including both online and offline work.

Online Work
Maintenance can be performed while production equipment continues to operate. Our hot repair and furnace operation services make continuous operation possible.
Offline Work
Equipment is removed and repaired off-site. By utilizing substitute equipment while the original equipment is being repaired, this approach makes continuous operation possible.

Business Development

Projects in Progress

HIROCHIKU’s support operations team does more than just operate equipment entrusted to us by customers... we believe our team’s value lies in offering service that’s a step ahead. Here's how our team is working to improve productivity at customers’ plants.

Project 1

We offered numerous problem-solving proposals from a contractor perspective and established structures to perform work safely in a short period of time as part of a project involving the replacement of about 40 tons of hot equipment (furnace shell and refractory materials) to increase the service life of a large furnace.

Project 2

We delivered a productivity improvement of about 10% by increasing billet dimensions (to about 1 ton) and expanding the width of a heating furnace (by means of limited alterations to the furnace’s refractory material lining).

Project 3

We helped the customer improve productivity by installing a tundish stopper to streamline the casting process.

Main Industry

  • Steel
  • Steelmaking
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Ceramics