Support Operations Refractory Brick Processing Division

The Refractory Brick Processing Department is engaged in the processing (cutting and polishing) and temporary assembling of refractory bricks and high temperature and wear-resistant bricks.


Skills to Realize Complicated Shapes Manually

We manually process curved surfaces and complicated uneven shapes that cannot be processed by brick-cutting machines.

Manual Processing Skills to Realize a Drawing Dimensional Tolerance of ±1 mm

We finish high-precision complex set bricks, thus contributing to improved accuracy during installation on-site with a reduction in person-hours and work period required.

Skill to Keep Joint Widths within a Tolerance of 1 mm Even in Complex Shapes

No matter how complicated the furnace shape is, we can keep all joints parallel to prevent molten steel leakage. (Joint: Brick seam)

Online Work


Offline Work

RH, CAS, and Other Brick Processing for Essential Parts of Each Furnace

Brick Cutting Machine
Brick Inking
Brick Processing
Brick Processing
Brick Temporary Assembly
Brick Temporary Assembly

Business Execution

Brick Cutting Work

Brick Cutting Work

We cut according to the furnace shape and design dimensions.

Temporary Assembly Work

Temporary Assembly Work (if not transportable)

We finish products to meet the drawing dimensional standards, and then separate, repackage, and deliver the products to each site.

Temporary Assembly Work

Set Assembling Work (if transportable)

We assemble products with mortar, pack them so that they will not cause load collapse, and then deliver them to each site.

Main Customers