Company Information History

June 1950
Founded as Hirohata Chikuro Kensetsu CO., LTD. in step with the reopening of the Nippon Steel Corporation's Setouchi Works Hirohata area (then Hirohata Works of Fuji Steel Corporation).
Took charge of the furnace maintenance at the same works.
August 1951
Changed the company name to Hirohata Chikuro Kogyo CO., LTD. Headquarters opened in Hirohata-ku, Himeji.
March 1956
Established the Technical Design Department and started plant designing and construction.
April 1963
Opened the Hanshin Office.
December 1966
Received an order for a continuous heating furnace for Thailand. Advanced to other countries, including South Korea and Indonesia later.
October 1968
Changed the company name to HIROCHIKU CO., LTD.
September 1974
Opened the Kitakyushu Sales Office.
June 1977
Exported a heating furnace to Qatar.
April 1978
Exported a walking beam furnace to South Korea.
April 1979
Started the sales of Holimesy furnaces.
September 1979
Opened the Shikama Sales Office.
October 1980
Opened the Fukusaki Plant.
January 1983
Opened the Tokyo Sales Office.
February 1991
Received the first order for a large-scale vacuum furnace for fine ceramics.
November 1995
Started the marketing of Holimesy-related products in the ASEAN region. Expanding overseas exports of the same since then.
September 1997
Established the Sub Center.
June 1999
Exhibited equipment business products at the International Foundry Trade Fair (GIFA in Germany).
February 2000
Absorbed Nippon Ramtite Co., Ltd.
February 2002
Established office as dedicated furnace maintenance for Nakayama Steel Works Co., Ltd.
August 2005
Expanded the Sub Center.
March 2006
Established HIROCHIKU ASIA (THAILAND) CO., LTD., a local subsidiary in Thailand.
July 2007
Closed the Tokyo Sales Office.
November 2007
Opened the Kobe Branch and closed the Hanshin Office.
December 2011
Established PT.HIROCHIKU ASIA INDONESIA in Indonesia.
April 2016
Incorporated Thermal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) as a wholly owned subsidiary.
November 2018
Opened the Product Center and closed the Fukusaki Factory.
April 2020
Absorbed Thermal Co., Ltd.