Company Information Company’s Motto, Management Philosophy, Management Policy, Quality Policy

Company’s Motto

  • HIROCHIKU attaches importance to sincerity
  • HIROCHIKU respects dignity
  • HIROCHIKU keeps improving itself

Management Philosophy

We construct products that are valuable to society, centered on thermal and general engineering.

Our Customers’ Profit is Our Profit
We value management from a long-term perspective, where the interests of our customers are connected to our own.
HIROCHIKU will continue to be a company that can contribute not only to the industrial world but also to society through its corporate business.
We respect dignity and independence, aiming for top-notch work without compromising with external pressure.
HIROCHIKU will continue to be a company with pride and vision.
Advanced Development
We will continue our self-improvement and problem consciousness as we conduct development for the next generation.
HIROCHIKU will continue to be a company that always seeks next-generation technologies.
Respect for Individuals
We respect the value of creation and the happiness it brings.
HIROCHIKU will continue to be a company that respects each employee.
Repaying the Kindness
We are happier when we thank others and continue to improve ourselves. HIROCHIKU will continue to be a group of professionals in pursuit of being a company with both harmony and generosity.

Management Policy

  • We respond to customers’ voices, with safety as our highest priority.
  • Leveraging our expertise and comprehensive capabilities, we continue to work on challenging tasks with our ingenuity and development.
  • We are aiming for a further affluent society, through our work with society members.

Quality Policy

We provide quality that satisfies our customers by promoting the following:

  • Fostering better communication.
  • Firmly turning the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle.