Engineering Power Metal Heat Treatment Equipment

A Long Track Record of Metal Thermal Treatment

Achieved Introductions: Over 6,000 Units /

Extensive Lineup of Equiments /

Trust and Experience

Thermal offers various heat treatment equipment and devices.

  • Steel heat treatment devices
  • Surface heat treatment (carburizing and nitriding) equipment
  • Non-ferrous metal heat treatment equipment
  • Bright heat treatment equipment using hydrogen ambience for mass production
  • Small-lot small quantitiy production equipment

Recommended Thermal Standard Series of Heat Treatment

A standard series that demonstrates its performance in the basic heat treatment of mold jigs and tools at production sites.

Multi-Function Heat Treatment Equipment

Both oil cooling and air cooling by the single unit:
Multi-function heat treatment furnace (SAM)

A standard series that demonstrates its performance in mass production heat treatment at parts production sites.

Bright Heat Treatment

Continuous bright heat treatment furnace using hydrogen gas(BCE Series)

A standard series that demonstrates its performance in the heat treatment of tiny electronic components to large materials at non-ferrous metal production sites.

Non-Ferrous Metal Heat Treatment Equipment

Furnace for Non-Ferrous Metals(RAV and PMR)

Thermal's Heat Treatment

A variety of Processed Objects (Representative Examples) of Heat Treatment and Technical Description/Spec Data

Flow of Introduction

The flow of the introduction of metal heat treatment equipment is shown here. Use the flow for your reference to the introduction procedure, sample test, etc.

Business Development

Projects in Progress

― Heat Treatment Equipment Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Production Sites ― HIROCHIKU Offers Its Optimal Heat Treatment Methods and Know-how.

The main customers of HIROCHIKU’s Thermal-brand equipment are small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and the parts divisions of manufacturers. Hirochiku has installed heat treatment equipment at sites that support Japan’s strengths. The cumulative number of vehicles in 47 prefectures in Japan has reached about 6,000.

HIROCHIKU does not just sell equipment, but also sells optimal heat treatment services and know-how. HIROCHIKU’s technical salespeople guide you.

  • Depending on the required specifications, it is possible to customize the equipment jointly with the customer.
  • HIROCHIKU verifies the specifications by sample testing before introducing the specifications.
  • HIROCHIKU holds heat treatment workshops for customers’ supervisory staff.
  • HIROCHIKU dispatches instructors for heat treatment courses to industrial technology centers nationwide.
  • We are happy to provide customers with the necessary support for overseas production bases.

We provide our customers with our knowledge and know-how of heat treatment. Furthermore, we offer those of the functions of the equipment. The high quality of customer products is what HIROCHIKU’s Thermal-series salespeople want to ensure.

World Strategy

  • HIROCHIKU has delivery track records for more than 20 countries, mainly in Asia.
  • HIROCHIKU has delivered a large number of heat treatment equipment, serving as a base for shaped materials that match user needs, for the startup of Japanese manufacturing plants overseas.
  • Recently, HIROCHIKU’s product delivery to local overseas companies, as well as Japanese-affiliated companies, has been increasing. In particular, for Southeast Asian countries that have not focused on the molding industry until now, HIROCHIKU’s heat treatment equipment has become indispensable.
  • We have a base in Vietnam for sales activities in Southeast Asia and follow-up after introduction.
Main Delivery Cities
ChinaTianjin, Chongqing, Dalian, Shanghai, and Shenzhen
TaiwanTaipei and Kaosun
South KoreaSeoul and Busan
VietnamHanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
ThailandBangkok and Chiang Mai
MalaysiaKuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang Island
PhilippinesManila and Cebu
PakistanKarachi and Lahore
BrazilSao Paulo
MexicoMexico City and Monterrey

Main Industry

  • Manufacture of Motorcycles and Automobiles
  • Manufacture of Equipment Related to Motorcycles and Automobiles
  • Manufacturing of electrical and electronic products (PCs, air conditioners, and home appliances)
  • Metal products manufacturing
  • Metal heat treatment industry
  • Precision equipment manufacturing
  • Machine tool manufacturing
  • Equipment machine manufacturing
  • Construction material manufacturing
  • Technical high schools, universities, other schools, research institutions, and research institutes