Metal Heat Treatment Equipment Thermal’s Heat Treatment


Compatible with a Wide Range of Industries and Their Target Materials

Our thermal heat treatment systems provide heating technology for use in an array of fields, including metals( steel and non-ferrous metals).

Clean Energy Electricity That Is Easy to Introduce

Our products use electric resistance heating, which can be controlled precisely.

From Small Lots to Mass Production

We specialize in multi-model, small-lot, low-volume production heat treatment systems for steel, and in bright heat treatment and mass-production heat treatment systems for stainless steel.

Heat Treatment of Steel

Steel heat treatment is a process to alter the properties of metal shapes by hardening or softening them according to their applications, without changing their shapes.

Target Works (Typical Examples)

Cold work tool steel Caulking, deep drawing, forging, dies, stamping
Hot work tool steel Die-casting, casting molds, forging, dies
High-speed tool steel Drills, end mils, taps, reamers, injection molds for plastics
Tools and jigs Probes, collet chucks, punches
Parts Gears, springs, clutches, bearings, screws, chains
Products Latch needles, fish hooks, pocket knives, kitchen knives, saws

Bright Heat Treatment

Generally, heat treatment heats the target work to temperatures higher than the transformation point of the metal, which causes the work’s surface to combine with moisture and oxygen in the air, resulting in oxidation.
The bright heat treatment is a process to change this surface to a bright (glittery silver white) condition.

Target Works (Typical Examples)

Heat treatment Products
Annealing Flexible pipes, pipes for automobile components, watch parts, bellows, pressed parts
Solution heat treatment Stainless steel pipes, tableware, stainless steel watch bands, pressed parts
Quenching Kitchen knives, scissors, disc brakes, tools, cutting tools, micro-shafts for small motors
Brazing Heat exchangers, automobile parts, hydraulic equipment, gas appliances, building parts, farm equipment parts, stainless steel filters

Heat Treatment for Non-Ferrous Metals

Heat treatment of non-ferrous metals is basically the same as that of steel. The heat treatment alters the properties (hardness, softness, ductility) of non-ferrous metals without changing their shapes by a combination of heating and cooling.

Target Works (Typical Examples)

Material Copper alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, gold, silver
Products onnector parts, contacting materials, automobile wheels, eyeglass frames, fashion accessories, automobile parts, aircraft parts

Thermal's Philosophy

Here are some of HIROCHIKU’s commitments to Thermal heat treatment, in which HIROCHIKU has accumulated knowledge and experience through in-house development and production.
Special Brightening Heat Treatment / Support for Small Lot Small Production / Consideration for the Environment / Future of Thermal