Metal Heat Treatment Equipment Thermal’s Philosophy

"Heat treatment" is a very important technology in manufacturing.

We have developed and manufactured our own heat treatment equipment since our foundation and accumulated heat treatment knowledge and experience. Today, we have a lineup of various heat treatment services that can accommodate every kind of purposes and environment types utilizing our know-how.

Bright Heat Treatment

HIROCHIKU has pursued "bright heat treatment" to maintain the brightness (silver-white shine) on metal surfaces.
Heat treatment is a technology to change the characteristics of metals by adjusting temperatures, but metals can be discolored in certain temperature ranges. Our quenching equipment allows the material to pass through these discoloring temperature ranges in a short time, so a high brightness can be achieved by making the best use of the characteristics of hydrogen. They also prevent sensitization of stainless steel.
Bright heat treatment on ferrous materials is commonly done, but THERMAL can finish stainless steel materials to the perfect brightness.

Introducing equipment to customers who need small-lot, small quantity production solutions

  • "Since we always have to produce in small lots and small quantities, the production is outsourced each time. But we'd like to have our own facilities in the company."
  • "We have heat treatment equipment for each of several purposes, but they are expensive and bulky."

To resolve such headaches, THERMAL has developed heat treatment equipment for small-lot and small quantity production.
THERMAL also has developed equipment for small-lot and small quantity production that can handle different heat treatment processes in one unit so you do not have to buy bulky equipment for each treatment type.
A certain part manufacturer had assigned several bulky devices for different purposes of heat treatment, but when they introduced our multifunctional heat treatment equipment SAM that can handle triple purposes, they are very pleased with the performance and also have achieved energy conservation and saving of considerable spaces.

Consideration for our environment

Considering our global environment, we are working to reduce post-processes and materials by improving heat treatment accuracy to minimize deformation and oxidation.
We also continue to improve the energy efficiency of heat treatment equipment.

HIROCHIKU will continue to expand importance and usefulness of heat treatment

Heat treatment finishing is not visible with ease, and many people still do not know about the process of heat treatment. But unless you give appropriate heat treatment, it may lead to a serious accident or complaint.
If someone with no knowledge of heat treatment accepts a metal processing job, they may end up with something that cannot be used at all. If they process hard materials as they are, the processing machine and metal mold would break easily.
Appropriate heat treatment is indispensable in utilizing the characteristics of metals that best suit the purpose and manufacture safe and excellent products.

HIROCHIKU will continue to advocate significance and usefulness of heat treatment for the companies, regions and countries.