Metal Heat Treatment Equipment N Series


This series includes heat treatment furnaces for non-ferrous metal materials including copper, aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys. Hydrogen, nitrogen, argon and other gas atmospheres are used. The hot gas circulation method ensures excellent temperature distribution.

BMRBell Type Bright Annealing Furnace

BMR Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnace

Vacuum purge bright annealing furnace that provides outstanding productivity using 100% hydrogen gas atmosphere. Offers higher performance than vacuum furnaces.

ApplicationsBright annealing of copper alloys (bands, strips, wires, pipes, heavy objects), aluminum foil bands, copper bands and forgings
  • 25% energy savings achieved by the regeneration burner and 100% hydrogen.
  • Metal losses are eliminated since pickling is not required. Friendly to environment since waste disposal is not required.
Temperature100 to 800℃
Treated weight3 to 50 ton/ch
AtmosphereN2+H2 after vacuum purge

RAVHorizontal Vacuum Purge Bright Annealing Furnace

RAV Horizontal Vacuum Purge Bright Annealing Furnace

Horizontal bright annealing furnace that provides high precision and ease of use

ApplicationsClean heating of precision parts and electronic parts that require high quality
  • Clean gas is fed to enable heating with minimum temperature distribution.
  • The heating furnace, cooling system and vacuum device are integrated in a compact unit.
Temperature100 to 650℃
Treated weight50 to 500 kg/ch
AtmosphereN2, Ar or H2 after vacuum purge

RAGas Atmosphere Low-temperature Heat Treatment Furnace

RA Gas Atmosphere Low-temperature Heat Treatment Furnace

Easy to use, versatile semi-automatic type

ApplicationsAnnealing and age hardening of copper alloys, heat treatment of magnesium alloys, annealing for stress removal and non-oxidation heating
  • Enables non-oxidation, low-temperature heat treatment.
  • Efficient design for quickly raising and lowering the temperature.
  • Hot gas circulation furnace ensures excellent temperature distribution.
Temperature150 to 400℃
Treated weight15 to 60 kg/gross

EMPPot Type Atmosphere Heating Furnace

EMP Pot Type Atmosphere Heating Furnace

Pot gas atmosphere furnace that serves many purposes.

ApplicationsAnnealing of brass and phosphor bronze, annealing of low silicon steel plates, and solutionizing and artificial aging of magnesium alloys
  • The high-power airflow fan enables a uniform temperature distribution and homogenous atmosphere in the furnace for highly efficient cooling.
  • Low-, medium-, and high-temperature types are available for selection depending on the work material and heat treatment method.
Temperature200 to 930℃
Treated weight50 to 400 kg/ch
AtmosphereN2+C3H8 or H2

RBTBox Airflow Annealing Furnace

RBT Box Airflow Annealing Furnace

Highly versatile, energy-saving box furnace that serves many purposes including annealing in an air atmosphere, tempering and solutionizing

ApplicationsTempering of steel (after vacuum quenching, induction hardening, or carburizing and quenching), annealing of metals, and shrink fitting
  • Circulation by the high-power fan and precision temperature control enable accurate temperature distribution.
  • Energy-saving because high-performance lightweight ceramic-fiber is used for heat insulation.
Temperature100 to 650℃
Treated weight100 to 2,000 kg/ch

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