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Here are other equipment including our long-selling heating furnace, shaker hearth furnace, sub-zero equipment and alkali warm water washer.

TLBox Heating Furnace

TL Box Heating Furnace

Long-selling equipment since the establishment of Thermal. Choices range from simple table-top electric furnaces to general-purpose medium size furnaces.

ApplicationsHeat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing) of metals such as dies and machine parts, and heat testing
  • Robust and easy-to-use box type with long life.
  • Installed in 3,300 major factories in Japan.
Temperature500 to 1,100℃

MACInclined Shaking Continuous Quenching Furnace

MAC Inclined Shaking Continuous Quenching Furnace

For high precision, high efficiency, volume production and automation. Effective for preventing distortion.

ApplicationsQuenching and marquenching of oil-quenched steel (heat treated steel)
  • Works are advanced by intermittent vibration with the furnace body inclined, and dropped in an oil bath from the opening in the rear retort, enabling quenching with minimum distortion.
  • Nitrogen-based non-oxidation atmosphere is created to prevent oxidation and decarburization of works.
  • Quenching oil is maintained at a constant temperature (80 to 200℃) while it is agitated.
Temperature800 to 880℃
Oil tank80 to 200℃
AtmosphereN2 base + H2, C3H8, CH3OH

CTUltra-low-temperature Sub-zero Equipment

CT Ultra-low-temperature Sub-zero Equipment

Sub-zero treatment makes a difference

ApplicationsSub-zero treatment, expansion fitting and low-temperature tests
  • Enables setting the temperature from ambient temperature to -180℃.
  • Enables quick cooling compared with electrical cooling systems.
TemperatureRT to -180℃
AtmosphereLN2 or LCO2

CNWAlkali Warm Water Washer

CNW Alkali Warm Water Washer

Safe, simple and efficient clean washer

  • Degreasing before and after heat treatment
  • Degreasing after pressing process
  • Degreasing and rust prevention after machining and before assembling
  • Thorough cleaning of works by spray washing in all directions (up/down, right/left).
  • Circulation system that uses washing liquid repeatedly.
  • Provided with an oil skimmer (waste oil removing device), which makes the washer suitable for washing parts after quenching.
TemperatureUp to 80℃
Treated weight100 kg, 250 kg