ACTION POWER Industrial Furnace Construction

HIROCHIKU backs up customers’ industrial furnaces
with remarkable design and construction technology

HIROCHIKU’s construction work on industrial furnaces is based on time-proven furnace construction techniques and covers the production of a wide range of industrial furnaces, ranging from ironmaking-related industrial furnaces and transport equipment to environmental equipment, including incinerators.
HIROCHIKU constantly improves designs in response to feedback from customers on site, and implements design and construction with consideration for the environment and energy saving.

Business Development

Projects in Progress

Comprehensive Strength to Complete Industrial Furnace ConstructionHIROCHIKU Makes the Most of Pre-construction At Its Plant.

HIROCHIKU constructs not only industrial furnace equipment of its plants but also that of other plant manufacturers.
HIROCHIKU’s optimum safety, construction period, quality, and cost management allow industrial furnace equipment to be completed as planned by comprehensively controlling and managing each work stage. This includes the stages of machinery, piping, refractories, electrical instrumentation, and heat insulation.

Furthermore, HIROCHIKU’s construction staff members participate from the design stage. They plan and perform the pre-construction (e.g., furnace assembly, equipment assembly, piping assembly, and refractory construction) at HIROCHIKU’s plant (the Product Center) to the maximum extent. HIROCHIKU has reduced the safety risks and quality risks of on-site installation and shortened the construction period.

HIROCHIKU will actively promote and complete industrial furnace construction with the full power of HIROCHIKU’s technical and installation staff members, who cover a wide range of constructing the equipment at its plant (the Product Center).

World Strategy

HIROCHIKU also performs supervisor work at the request of plant manufacturers.
HIROCHIKU provides technical support around the world with our abundant experience in furnace construction and contributions as an advisor for the construction and operation of industrial furnaces.

Achievements:China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and many others

Main Industry

  • Steel Industry
  • Environment-Related
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Ceramic Industry