Pioneering New Potential with thermal technology Services and Equipment

HIROCHIKU’s construction work on industrial furnaces is based on time-proven furnace construction techniques and covers the production of a wide range of industrial furnaces, ranging from ironmaking-related industrial furnaces and transport equipment to environmental equipment, including incinerators.
HIROCHIKU constantly improves designs in response to feedback from customers on site, and implements design and construction with consideration for the environment and energy saving.

Support Operations

We maintain and operate (on a contractual basis) industrial furnaces. Armed with technologies developed over 50 years, we help numerous steelmaking companies, including Nippon Steel Corporation, improve safety, quality, and productivity while lowering costs.

Civil Engineering

We’re involved in earthwork and exterior construction work carried out as part of a range of public and private-sector construction projects, including civil engineering, paving, and sewage infrastructure.
These services reflect our commitment to meeting an array of customer needs related to civil engineering technology.

Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metal Equipment


HIROCHIKU mainly designs, manufactures, and installs aluminum, copper, and zinc melting furnaces, molten metal transport equipment, and dosing furnaces. Furthermore, HIROCHIKU offers total support, ranging from factory layout design to operations, for the realization of the factory automation and energy saving of die-casting production lines.

New Material Development Equipment


HIROCHIKU’s services meet all material, temperature, and heat treatment needs. HIROCHIKU offers precise support in all stages, ranging from the stages of new material development to mass production. HIROCHIKU’s RD Center permanently installs various demonstration units (high-temperature furnaces). Please use them for sample firing tests and technical consultation.

Metal Heat Treatment Equipment


Heat treatment is an extremely important technology in the manufacturing industry. HIROCHIKU has accumulated a range of heat treatment knowledge and experience by developing and manufacturing heat treatment systems in-house.
We now utilize that expertise to offer a lineup of heat treatment services that is custom-tailored to meet the needs of a range of applications and environments.