Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metal Equipment Updating and Maintenance

We contribute to customers’ safety improvements, product quality improvements, and environment-focused production strategies through facility repairs, inspections, and energy-saving activities, regardless of whether the facilities include our products or other companies’ products.

Refractory Repairs

We undertake repairs to refractories, including central melting furnaces, dosing furnaces, and heat treat furnaces.

Inspection and Maintenance

We conduct furnace heat diagnosis, maintenance, and energy-saving remodeling.

Energy- and Labor-Saving

We diagnose existing equipment and make proposals for energy- and labor-saving.

Upgrading Support

We undertake the upgrading of furnace bodies of all types of furnaces, not just our own.

Regular Visit Diagnosis Service

Our maintenance team will avoid malfunctioning issues by conducting regular diagnosis visits of the casting equipment. In addition, our endeavor to ensure proper maintenance will contribute to equipment functioning and longer service life.