Metal Heat Treatment Equipment C Series


Various types of continuous heat treatment furnaces for volume production of pressed and machined parts are available according to the material and shape of the target work.

Hundreds of Thermal’s continuous furnaces have been installed at sites in Japan and overseas, and are used in a wide range of areas.

Upon request, we can also test and prototype your product samples to propose the optimum conditions.

BCE(A)Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Furnace

BCE(A) Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Furnace

Continuous furnace suitable for bright treatment of stainless steel

ApplicationsBright treatment of stainless steel (annealing and solution heat treatment of austenitic stainless steel, quench hardening of martensitic stainless steel, and annealing of ferritic stainless steel)
  • Treating stainless steel with reducing atmosphere reduces any oxides on the surface, enabling bright treatment. An atmosphere circulation system (quick cooling system) is optional.
  • Unlike vacuum furnaces, evaporation and deposition of chromium will not occur, and heating and cooling times are short, providing superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
Opening width60 to 450 mm
Heating width600 to 5,000 mm

BCE(B)Non-oxidation Brazing Furnace

BCE(B) Non-oxidation Brazing Furnace

Non-oxidation brazing, which does not require flux, is suitable for joining metal products

ApplicationsBrazing in non-oxidation furnace
  • Allows brazing without flux.
  • Non-oxidation heat treatment eliminates the need for pickling in the postprocess.
  • Allows simultaneous brazing at multiple points.
  • Allows simultaneous brazing and quenching. Carburizing and quenching after brazing are also possible.
Temperature500 to 1,150℃
Opening width60 to 600 mm
Heating width600 to 10,000 mm
Base metals and brazing materials
  • Base metal - Stainless steel, alloy steel, iron, steel, heat-resistant steel, nickel alloys, brass, aluminum
  • Brazing material - Copper, phosphor copper, silver, gold, brass, nickel

BCE(E)Baking Furnace for Electric Parts

BCE(E) Baking Furnace for Electric Parts

Continuous heating furnace that supports processes for baking electronic parts

ApplicationsBaking electronic parts
Precision temperature control
  • Low-temperature type: 100 to 300℃
  • Medium-temperature type: 450 to 600℃
  • High-temperature type: 800 to 1,000℃
Opening width60 to 300 mm
Heating width60 to 3,000 mm
Atmosphere controlAir, H2, N2, CO2, Ar

About the continuous bright heat treatment furnace (BCE)