HIROCHIKU's technical staff provides support by making the best use of its RD center, proposes production processes best suited for our customers' needs, and designs and manufactures equipment required for our proposals. The technologies to be proposed include, among others; thermal technology, which HIROCHIKU has long cultivated for more than 50 years since its foundation; leading-edge technology to sinter powder; and vacuum atmosphere-related technology contributing to development of new materials which play important roles in the future.

Major industries HIROCHIKU involves

Electronic components/semiconductors, solar cells, ferromagnetics/hydrogen absorption, electric cables, fuel cells, medicines, optical devices, catalysts, abrasives, ultra-high purity refining, materials/raw materials production, space development, and government agencies/university laboratories.

Examples of past achievements:
Some of the fruits of technologies born from our customers’needs are listed below.

・ITO large-scale oxygen-atmosphere sintering furnace
・AIN degreasing furnace/sintering furnace
・Degreasing and sintering furnace for powder metallurgy
・Strong magnetic field heat-treatment furnace
・Carbon purification furnace
・Automatic melting furnace for recycling analysis
・Synthesis furnace for compound semiconductors
・Single-crystal growing furnace
・Metal distillation furnace

List of demonstration machines for sample testing For detailed specifications of the demonstration machines, please contact us.
Type Name Works to be treated
Furnaces with
high-speed heating
Powder, solids
Rotary tube furnaces Powder
Vacuum atmosphere
Powder, solids,
layered products
Continuous furnace RHF Powder, solids
Optical heating system OHS Powder, solids

"We want to realize our customers' requests as much as possible." With this ambition, HIROCHIKU established its own RD Center at Kobe Port Island. HIROCHIKU is a partner to our customers in finding out best-suited solutions, by making the best use of its well-experienced staff and many demonstration machines always available to perform sample baking tests for all kinds of materials.

Type Name Works to be treated
Pressure furnace CMO (Pressure sintering furnace) Powder, solids

With its excellent furnace lining and installation technologies and development capabilities for more than 30 years, the Fukuzaki Plant has provided high-quality and highly added-value furnaces for the field of new materials and the diecasting industry. Fukuzaki Plant has large-scale test furnaces for development of new materials and equipment for development of diecasted products: it is becoming the source of its own technologies for many users.